I'm Pam. This is a multifandom blog. I make jokes a lot, so don't take me seriously. In love with Paul Wesley and currently married with Jensen Ackles.
Previously Petrovamps

About Me

Hey, I’m Pamella but you can call me Pam, Brazilian, seventeen years old and I’m totally crazy about TV shows. 

This is a multifandom blog, but most of my posts are about TVD. Nina dobrev, Candice Accola and Lucy Hale are my queens. I’m currently in a love triangle with Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan. I’m not jealous. 

Tvd ships: Stelena, Klaroline, Datherine, Forwood, Steferine, Klefan.

I ship Nian really hard, but i don’t ship Delena. The truth is that my OTP will always be Stelena. 

About my language, I’m Brazilian and I really try but anyway my english is terrible.

Don’t insult my ships and we’ll be friends forever

I follow all the types of blogs of TV Shows and I really don’t like wars about anything so please don’t be a dick. 

I take requests, and I really like to talk with my followers, so if you want, you can go to my ask and talk to me, and I swear that I’ll be cool. 

About my URL, it’s Dobrev + Wesley (Nina and Paul), and no, I don’t ship them as a couple, I only ship their friendship.

I don’t follow back so don’t even bother asking. I’ll only follow you back if I like your blog and that’s all.

Anything else, just ask.